Why Mycelial Mind

The “Why” Behind Mycelial Mind

Mycelial Mind was created by a collective of experienced, herbal-minded, psychonauts in order to share the powerful healing properties of psilocybin mushrooms. As plant alchemists and herbalists, we recognize the mystical art of refining herbs and capturing their ‘spirit’ and the benefits for us as humans. Just as we extract the plant parts and combine them in novel ways, we separate and distill the many aspects of ourselves, leading us to purify and recombine them into a new and more conscious self with the help of Mycelial Mind. 

We are deeply committed to the healing of the traumas within our selves, human family and planet. We are wood-wide wizards working diligently as human mycelial connectors, helping to bring about a profound catharsis, so that humanity can move forward with intent and integrity. We are guides, people who have toiled in the darkness in order to find the light. We are stewards of this knowledge, here to offer ancient technology to a modern people. 

Mycelial Mind speaks to the master system in the body, the nervous system of which the profound guide, is the mind. Stress, anxiety and other mental health ailments impact our immune system and can profoundly impact our health.

This can also be used to our advantage. 

It stands to reason, if we heal and align our minds, all else will follow. Our tincture and its herbs empower the user to course correct if needed. Not only that, neuro-inflammation promotes mental health issues, and wouldn’t you know… psilocybin, like all the classical psychedelics, has been shown to have anti-inflammatory action on nervous tissue! It’s much easier to contemplate these deeper aspects of self when we’re not up against physical barriers of inflammation. 

Our Nootropic blend is a mind-enhancing yin formula working on the emotional field, encouraging mental flow states and enhancing cognitive function. This is for circular thinkers and those suffering with anxiety and depression. For the person who carries worry in their gut, requiring digestive support or those who spend too much time out of body, stuck in the Metaverse, can benefit from some nervous system love. Nootropic has herbal allies that are up to the task of going within.

Reishi mushroom grounds the experiencer, while Lions mane mushroom increases neuronal-communication supporting the brain. Skullcap and Passionflower integrate the nervous system while supporting and enhancing the effects of P. cubensis. Holy basil connects our adrenal function to the deeper process of healing, restoring our connection to the ethereal. Ginger circulates and harmonizes the formula, rounding it out in both flavor and action.

Our Vitality Blend is an energy-supportive yang formula, certain to enhance physical flow state and activate fire. This is our vibe up, active blend for those who like to move. Whether it’s yoga, hiking, or hitting the gym, Vitality will support an active lifestyle and encourage you when the desire is lacking. This combination achieves its magic through a blend of moving and invigorating supportive herbs.

Up front are the sensual flavours of the brain supportive spice, Cardamom. The energizing and revitalizing herbs, Cordyceps and Pine pollen were included to enhance performance, support adrenal function and bring energy levels up. Yerba mate provides a base of steady, well-rounded, and consistent energy and the anandamide containing cacao addition for the blissful finish.

Our products are designed to assist you on your journey toward self-healing. Yes, it is within your grasp to do so! You have the power, and you hold the keys. Mycelial Mind will help you open the door, the rest is your work…it’s YOUR healing journey. 

Many people find themselves in looping, cyclical behaviours that they can’t seem to break out of. While aware of the conundrum, they see no clear solution. Psilocybin disrupts the background running processes known as the Default Mode Network. It is this, our auto-pilot, who is responsible for the incessant, unconscious dialogue we experience during the processing of common activities. This background function utilizes the subconscious mind to perform many tasks. From the beating of our hearts to repetitive acts like walking. It’s also that little inner voice, reminding us of our inconsistencies, then demonizes us for saying the ‘wrong’ thing. Ego please! Recognizing this allows us to increase our self-awareness so that habitual thinking patterns are broken and changed forever.   

Combined with other supportive herbs, our formulas increase resilience and facilitate profound healing on multiple levels.

To discover more about our blends – and yourself, visit our shop and connect with us to learn more!