Vitality Drops


Invigorate your flow state and improve stamina with our stimulating Vitality blend.

May support: Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Addiction, ADHD, and Mental Fatigue.

Entheogenic extract (60%): Active Mushrooms, Water, Organic AC Vinegar, Wildflower Honey, Citric Acid.

Organic Tincture (40%): Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Cacao Shells, Pine Pollen, Yerba Mate, Sarsaparilla, Cardamon, Alcohol and Water.

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Elettaria cardamomum

Leading the way in this formula is Cardemom. This beautifully complex, warming digestive is rich in aromatic oils, that increase oxygen uptake by relaxing airways, facilitating clarity of mind. It can help to calm spasmodic tissues in the gut relieving discomfort or anxiety induced muscular cramping. It may promote positive mental health by encouraging a healthy mycobiome. We love cardamom because it expands our capacity to achieve an active flow state while enhancing both flavour and efficacy.


Ophiocordyceps sinensis

Cordyceps are adaptogenic mushrooms known to increase stamina and reduce stress making it a perfect candidate for our Vitality formula. In traditional Chinese medicine, the kidneys and lungs are involved in storing and maintaining our innate Qi or life force capacity. Cordyceps are said to protect and tonify these vital systems both physically and energetically, increasing capacity and endurance.

“What existential twist can be so profound as a moth consumed by mushrooms, instead of the other way around?” -RDR

Cacao Shells

Theobroma cacao

For the ego, it’s death by chocolate! This important commodity was used for everything from currency to cosmetics, but we mostly know it as an indulgence to be sensuously enjoyed. With very stable fats, the fermented seed is roasted and mixed with other ingredients in order to create this elixir of love we call chocolate. The fat is emollient and nutritive while the theobromine alkaloids act as a mild stimulant and diuretic. We like it because it provides velvet textures, pleasant overtones, and a little extra get up and go.

Lions mane

Hericium erinaceus

Lions mane is really in the spotlight these days and rightfully so…it has the potential to improve everything from gut health to dementia and improve neurodegenerative disease outcomes. We use it as our non-psychoactive flagship mushroom for its synergistic complimentary action with our main ingredient. A mushroom that does this much for your brain had to be in here…it’s a no brainer (or in this case, a more brainer?)

Yerba Mate

Ilex paraguariensis

Known as Jesuits tea, this nervous system stimulating plant can be utilized to increase attention and enhance physical energy production. Unlike other stimulants, Mate can both relax and stimulate, striking a balance of the forces as can be summed up by the Yin/Yang symbol. In darkness, there is always light, in light, some darkness. The two are needed to produce experience. Mycelial Mind is crafted to assist in achieving this goal. Chocked full of antioxidants, there is more vitality to this plant than meets the mind.


Smilax ornata

This powerful blood cleansing, anti-inflammatory herb is best known for contributing its unmistakable flavour to the original Rootbeer recipe. Sarsaparilla acts as an immune enhancer that encourages recovery from fatigue, debility, and physical stress. Said to encourage blood flow, Smilax can reawaken the feelings of pleasurable embodiment helping with libido by reducing fatigue and encouraging relaxation of the circulatory system. With the power to both calm aches/pains and balance body chemistry, this delicious inclusion was Vital!

Pine Pollen

Pinus spp.

Every year, a fine yellow dust coats our local environment feeding the forest (allowing for the regeneration of trees) and providing for many of her creatures. This magical substance lowers inflammation in the body while detoxing our tissues of environmental pollutants. It contains helpful phytochemicals that mimic endogenous body chemistry, improving cardiovascular health by lowering cholesterol, promoting skin elasticity, and tonifying the immune system. This herb supports cognitive enhancement and increased libido.