Natural Ways To Treat Anxiety

It’s normal — even healthy — to feel a certain amount of anxiety in life. Anxiety is a gut instinct. It helps us recognize potential dangers, so we prepare for them. That’s why we feel it so intensely in situations where we are unsure what will happen. Our anxiety is alerting us that we should prepare for something, even if we don’t know what event is coming. Regardless of effort and preparation, how we are received by others can be additional sources of anxiety. Such as, meeting new people, public speaking, or performing tests.

We’re often able to manage anxiety so long as we recognize why we are feeling it and what we can do about it. Feeling nervous about an upcoming test can be managed through preparation, and any nerves felt walking into the exam are usually something we can breathe through. They say, worry is like praying for something to happen whether you ‘want’ it or not. So take a moment, deep inhale…you got this! Breathe out and release those tensions! Hint – Mycelial Mind Nootropic can help take the edge off.

For many people, however, anxiety occurs more frequently and with greater intensity. Managing intense anxiety is possible, and although some conditions are best treated through conventional medication, others find success with natural remedies. Mycelial Mind is a carefully crafted, all-natural, liquid supplement that harmonizes body and mind by synergizing medicinal mushrooms and healing herbs. Our Nootropic blend is specifically designed to support a healthy, natural approach to overcoming anxiety. 

Natural treatments can help with anxiety symptoms, but it’s important to consider all options and to visit your doctor as needed. 

Natural remedies for anxiety don’t involve conventional medications (pharmaceuticals, usually prescribed by a doctor). Herbs, aromatherapy, nutrition, exercises or relaxation techniques like meditation all fall under the category of natural remedies. Some people with anxiety use natural remedies alongside conventional treatments to find relief. Every person’s body is different, so finding the right remedy for your anxiety is your personal journey of exploration and discovery. 

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Herbal Remedies

There are many wonderful herbs and herbal supplements that we love and trust to help assuage anxiety, relax the mind and calm the spirit. You may already enjoy herbs like lavender, lemon balm or chamomile as a soothing essential oil or tea. 

Our Nootropic blend contains organic tinctures of some of our favorites like Lions Mane, Reishi, Passionflower, Holy Basil, Skullcap, Ashwagandha, and Ginger in addition to a concentrated extract of entheogenic mushrooms.

Lions mane has significant medicinal properties that protect the brain, nervous system and gastro-intestinal function. It’s also a recognized neuro-enhancing nootropic.

Reishi mushrooms have a long and deep history of healing. Reishi is a potent anti-inflammatory herb which is very good for the whole body, including the mind and spirit.

Passionflower is known for its mood-enhancing indole alkaloid content. enhancing other compounds in the formula by inhibiting their breakdown. This medicinal herb also provides comfort for the nervous system by alleviating pain and relaxing the body. 

Holy basil is worshipped as a sacred tree among Hindus. Also known as Tulsi, Holy Basil is a delicious additive to many cooking recipes as well as a traditional remedy for anxiety. It increases resilience, helps balance blood sugar, and even purifies our blood. 

Skullcap is reputed to remedy the incessant looping thoughts that often accompany anxiety. It helps relax muscular tension, reduce anxiety, and optimize self-reflection.

Most of us enjoy ginger for its spicy flavour, but it is also rich in oleoresins and beneficial phenolic compounds which carry a host of medicinal traits. Besides being a warming digestive herb with indications for all manner of gut related issues, this aromatic rhizome can bring relief to those suffering poor circulation and cramping by reducing inflammation.

Ashwagandha is a vitalizing, red berry-speckled adaptogen that lowers inflammation, modulates immunity, and has a positive effect on brain function. Being a powerful ally for the nervous system, we included this herb to gently guide and protect those who embark on the journey to self love and mastery.


Aromatherapy is a wonderful natural remedy for anxiety. Lavender is probably the most popular and familiar calming aroma, but the scents of ylang ylang, grapefruit, clary sage, and bergamot are also effective. 


Exercise is a wonderful way to boost your mood and clear away looping, negative, or troubled thoughts. We find the best tactics include forest bathing, cold water swims, or playing. Even as adults — especially as adults — it is important to play, laugh, and imagine. Climbing playground equipment, swinging on the swings, or scampering around on all fours can be surprisingly effective ways to clear away anxiety. 

Playing, running, walking or just stretching for a few minutes is usually enough to distract your mind from troubled thoughts, ease muscle tension, and release the natural feel-good hormones of endorphins. Play a favourite song and dance for five minutes (the sillier the better). 

Sometimes, the same stress that causes anxiety causes fatigue, depression, or both. If you are feeling too exhausted to get up and get moving, try our Vitality blend. The smooth, levitating energy of cacao shells and yerba mate may provide the boost you need to take the first steps.

Meditation and Deep Breathing Exercises

Sit comfortably, focus on the breath, and practice being present by  just listening and experiencing the sensations around you. Mindfulness meditation is an ancient and enduring practice for calming and clearing the mind. Acknowledge any thoughts that arise during a 10 minute meditation, and just set them aside. Return to focus on your breath. Over time, you will learn to clear chaotic thoughts from your mind and replace them with calm ones. Research indicates that meditation can help to relieve anxiety related symptoms, helping you to feel more at ease. 

Meditation is also helpful because it draws attention to our breath and helps us to slow our rhythm. Rapid, shallow breathing is a common symptom of anxiety. It can increase your heart rate, make you feel dizzy, and even lead to a panic attack. Taking slow, deep, deliberate breaths will help restore normal breathing patterns, which can help to reduce anxiety. 

Weighted Blankets

We all love being hugged, wrapped in a warm embrace, swaddled up like safe, protected babies. For the same reasons, weighted blankets make for an easy, effective, and natural remedy to reduce the symptoms of anxiety. The firm pressure of a weighted blanket helps the body ease into “rest mode,” where the breath and pulse slow and the body prepares for sleep. 

If you have a weighted blanket, you may find it alleviates the symptoms of anxiety. At Mycelial Mind, we also recommend hugging friends, family, and your own tender self whenever possible. Part of the joyful medicine with our herbal tinctures and medicinal mushroom extracts is how they support an open heart, free spirit and facilitate connection. Rejoice in the comforting embrace of your loved ones. Wrap your arms around your own shoulders and profess the love you have for yourself. Be kind to yourself, as you would be to a dear friend or a young child. Comfort yourself with an embrace, a nice tea, or swaddled warm in a weighted blanket. 

Consider Replacing Cigarettes and Alcohol

While these substances may temporarily seem to calm the nerves, several studies also show that smoking can worsen symptoms of anxiety. A cycle can develop, leading to dependence. Examine your relationship with any substances and try to determine if they are helping or harming your experience of the world. Mycelial Mind can help with discerning this!

Nootropic Blend from Mycelial Mind

The Nootropic blend from Mycelial Mind is curated to be a natural remedy for anxiety. Nootropic is a liquid supplement of medicinal herbs and mushrooms traditionally used to calm and focus the mind, disrupt cyclical thought patterns and stimulate creativity. 

For anyone caught in swirling, negative, anxious, or unruly thoughts, Mycelial Mind’s Nootropic blend helps unravel and settle excessive metal chatter. It is a mind-enhancing yin formula working on the emotional field, encouraging mental flow states and enhancing cognitive function. This is for the circular thinkers and those suffering with anxiety and depression. For the person who carries worry in their gut requiring digestive support, or those who spend too much time out of body, stuck in the Metaverse, can benefit from some nervous system love. Nootropic has herbal allies that are up to the task of going within.

Reishi mushroom grounds the experiencer, while Lions mane mushroom increases neuronal-communication supporting the brain. Skullcap and Passionflower integrate the nervous system while supporting and enhancing the effects of P. cubensis. Holy basil connects our adrenal function to the deeper process of healing, restoring our connection to the ethereal. Ginger circulates and harmonizes the formula, rounding it out in both flavor and action.

Our master herbalists have carefully curated this blend to support clarity of mental focus and a calm within the mind. We have taken the best herbal remedies for anxiety, properties of aromatherapy, and traditional alchemy to encourage a mindset for exercise, meditation and other self love practices to flourish.

Anxiety is a complex condition with many causes and many potential treatments. Find the tactics that work best for you.