About Mycelial Mind

Mycelial Mind is a flow-state nootropic, uniquely formulated with supportive herbs and psychoactive mushrooms designed to enhance cognitive function and promote neurodiversity.

Mycelial Mind is intended to be used in smaller “micro” quantities, over a period of weeks, though, can provide the user with a macro dose experience as well.

About Us

Mycelial Mind was created by a tribe of experienced, herbal-minded, psychonauts in order to share the powerful healing properties of psilocybin mushrooms. As plant alchemists/herbalists, we recognize the mystical art of refining herbs and capturing their ‘spirit’ and the allegory it has for us as humans. Just as we extract the plant parts and combine them in novel ways, we separate and distill the many aspects of ourselves only to purify and recombine them into a new and more conscious self with the help of Mycelial Mind.

We are deeply committed to the healing of the traumas of ourselves, our human family and beyond. We are the wood-wide web wizards working diligently for the mushroom as human mycelial connectors, helping to bring about a profound catharsis so that humanity can move forward with intent and integrity. We are guides, people who have toiled in the darkness in order to find the light. We are stewards of this knowledge, here to offer ancient technology to a modern people.

How To Use Mycelial Mind

For Microdose:

Our recommendation is 1-3 ml once every 2-3 days for 3-8 weeks. This is the equivalent of 50-150mg per dose.

For Macrodose:

Our recommendation is 20-40 ml all at once or in increments over the course of 2-3 hours. This is the equivalent of 1000-2000 mg per dose.

Please note: Due to the extraction method, Mycelial Mind may have a stronger effect than consuming mushrooms in their raw form.

Alternative Microdosong Protocols:

In the microdosing community, there isn’t just one school of thought when it comes to regimens and protocols. There are many that already exist such as the Fadiman protocol of 1 day on, 2 days off, or the Stamets protocol, 5 days on, 2 days off.

Our Triple Extraction Method

Mycelial Mind is a combination of 3 unique extracts designed to maximize absorption, reduce digestive upset, and enhance the cognitive experience.

Our Golden Teacher extract is carefully separated using hot filtered water, organic apple cider vinegar, wildflower honey, and citric acid.

We add to this a mindfully crafted, small batch tincture synergizing Lions Mane, Reishi, Ashwagandha, Passionflower, Holy Basil, Skullcap, Ginger, organic alcohol, and filtered water.

And finally, we enhance the magic with our full spectrum concentrated psycho-active mushroom powder for the win.

Why the Hot Water, ACV, Honey, and citric acid Extraction?

The active medicinal compounds in Mushrooms are bound up in a lignin and chitin layer. The “right” temperature and time in hot water helps unlock these bonds without denaturing the psycho-active chemistry. The apple cider vinegar and citric acid helps stabilize the chemistry for longer-lasting potency and increased absorption. The Honey also supports stability, enhanced digestion, of course, ads to the overall flavour.

Why Add the Supportive Herbs?

Mushrooms alone can have a profound effect, yet they also benefit from having some supportive allies to enhance the experience. This blend is designed to gently calm the nervous system, ground the body, open the heart, and settle the digestive system.

Why add the Conectrated Mushroom Powder?

The addition of a full spectrum concentrate into Mycelial Mind brings with it a clean flow-state vibe. It enhances the overall experience by adding a third type of alchemy for increased potency and a deeper connection to the medicine.